Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring has Sprung in Atlanta

The view outside our apartment. Its pretty! (Of course you can't see the train 50 feet away down that incline, hehe)

Pretty blossoming trees in the parking lot

You can tell I am not from the area by how excited I get about the trees changing. I've never seen such a dramatic spring!
2 weeks ago, it still looked like winter. There were still some 55 degree days and all the trees wee still bare. Then somehow, within one week's time, the whole city came alive with color! I've never seen so many blossoming trees! Driving through residential areas you will see trees covered in bunches of white, purple, baby pink, yellow, and mauve colored flowers. Simultaneously, leaves are growing back on all the dead trees, and it is so beautiful outside! Many people are planting their tulips and buttercups and other Easter flowers. I know its not Easter yet, but it certainly looks like it outdoors, its kind of hard to feel as if its still Lent.
Needless to say, this sudden blossoming has brought a LOT of pollen. The parking lot is covered with a thin layer of lime green powder. It looks like some crazy pixies dusted the place. You can literally draw pictures in it with your feet. The pollen count right now is off the charts...I think in the 5000 range (!). You can feel it on your eyes outside. Luckily I haven't had bad allergies yet, but people tell me it would be worse were I here next spring. Paul and I tried to go to the pool this last weekend as it was 85. I found a maternity bathing suit that fits and most importantly is modest enough (it was hard to find something modest on top!). Much to our dismay, the pool had a floating layer of pollen along with a good sprinkling of leaves and flower petals. Kinda gross, hopefully they keep it cleaner.

Which brings me to my good news (that most people might know already). There is about a 95% chance Paul and I will move back in December. Yay! I should be done with all my classes by that time, and will just have my thesis to finish. I should be able to do that at home though. I enjoy living in a new place to some extent, but its just toooo far from family. Its such a big deal for us to go home or people to come here. I want to be at home with the baby...

So thats pretty much all that is going on here. Spring, and classes. I took way too many classes, but its ok because I only have 5 or 6 weeks of class left. Then I will have to find some way to keep busy for a month and a half waiting for the baby to come. Some way that doesn't involve walking around a bunch in 95 degree, 90% humidity weather. Ick.