Monday, May 21, 2007

Savannah Part II

(See below for part one!)

Here are just some more examples of pretty architecture in the city! So gorgeous! All the buildings have such interesting histories too. For example, one restaurant overloooking the riverfront has a map drawn by General Sherman's army on the wall! It was discovered when they removed some coats ont he wall to remodel the building and is now preserved. I am not very good with history, but Savannah was the last city on General Sherman's march to the sea of devestation during the Civil War. However it was never called the Civil War once when we were there. Instead it was the "War Between the States" or the "War of Northern Aggression". How interesting! Speaking of food too, we had great Southern food all weekend. Fried Green Tomato BLT anyone? Shrimp, Greens and Grits? Deviled crab cakes? Pralines? Pecan Pie? So good! I was happy to have some healthier food back at home though.

Ok last few pictures. These are on the riverfront. And one picture of Paul and I. I am very round and pregnant looking now. Unfortunately round in the face too! :) It was a short trip, but a nice little vacation before we become full time parents! I feel lucky we got to travel some as we haven't visited too many places in Georgia yet.

Savannah Georgia!

Well Paul and I made our way to Savannah, GA. I am so glad we did, it had so much fun Southern character that the city of Atlanta just doesn't have. It is one of the oldest cities in the South with tons of history, neat mixtures of architecture, beautiful foilage, and a beach nearby. We were cheap on hotel and touristy stuff, but ate good food and enjoyed just walking around and hanging out at the beach. Here are some pictures:

Here are some pictures from Tybee Island, the beach 10 miles or so from Savannah. It was windy but warm and much to Paul's delight he got to surf. I sat on a swing and just soaked in the sun.

Here is the cathedral in Savannah, it is the oldest Catholic church in Georgia.

A pretty example of all the historic inns scattered through the historic district.

One of 20+ plazas in the historic district. This is a large one, most are really small and provide little mini parks throughout the city.

This is what all the streets look like. They are gorgeous! Huge oak trees line the streets and meet over head to form a canopy. All the Spanish moss hanging down is really neat...and really creepy at night!

Ok this post is getting unwieldy, the pictures are not easy to maneuver. I will post a second one with more pictures