Friday, September 7, 2007

First Week of School & Georgia Aquarium

This week was really hard. I started back to school, and while I have fewer units than I ever have and my classes seem to be not too much work, it was super stressful. I am strugglig with whether this was the right decision. Its only 8 hours a week I leave him for, but it makes me sad and since I am not used to it I worry a great deal about him when we are separated. Will he cry hysterically? WIll he get hungry but refuse the bottle? Will the person never want to watch him again? Will they know the best way to bounce him depending on his baby moods? Caedmon was of course fine. I was the one traumatized by the week. At least I have a few classes I know I could bring him if need be (one is a Lactation management class....babies are of course welcome!)

Also I am still getting the whole babysitter situation figured out. Paul will have him for most classes, but I have one class that I don't have a set person for during Thursday mornings. Although my instructor did say I could take him to class, this is not an ideal option as I am distracted half the time trying to either A. get him to sleep, B. Keep him asleep, C. Feed him, or D. Keep him occupied and quiet. While most weeks it would probably be fine, I have a feeling I won't learn as much and its a very important class. I am praying I find someone. If not, baby is going to learn an awful lot about conducting evaluations!

On top of that stress and leaving Caedmon for some of the first times, he also had his 2 month (he is actually 2 and a half months) checkup on Tuesday. He is 14lbs 11oz and 25 1/4 inches. Yay for a growing baby! He got all his shots and was slightly feverish Weds and has been extra fussy the past few days.

The week ended on a good note though! Paul got off of work early and we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium. I have been dying to go, as it is really new and supposedly spectacular and one of the largest. It was really awesome- they have it set up kind of like a theme park. The highlights of the aquarium are the Beluga whales and another HUGGEE tank filled with sharks, rays, and some gigantic whale sharks. It has a huge tunnel you can walk through underneath it and look up. They also had great exhibits on river fish and the aquatic life of the Georgia coast. I think Caedmon liked the Beluga whale (he actually followed it with his head) and the pretty light coming through the water. Ok so he wasn't that entertained, but Paul and I had a great time and afterwards took a stroll around the Centennial Olympic Park. Funny that it took us a whole year to go visit these places.

Caedmon goes diving in his car seat:

Observing the sea lions

I pop in to visit a penguin

Mostly trying to calm a fussy baby:

Bet you didn't know I could be a mom AND the captain of a fishing boat did you?

One of the Beluga whales


joysnatcher said...

You look great! It has got to be hard figuring out the whole school/baby thing. I know it's tough to leave your baby.

But it's only one semester, right? Then you'll be back home with thousands of family members willing to watch that sweet baby on a dime, and no need to leave him! (funny turn of circumstances!)

Candace said...

I am sorry to hear about your stressful week. You were so positive and relaxed about going back to school when we saw you. It is hard to leave your baby, but usually THEY are fine and you are the basketcase.

Rylie made me feel this way this week too. She started preschool, was fine on the fist day, but cried when I was leaving on the next day. The teachers prompted me to leave and I did, but she was screaming as I walked out the door. The teachers assured me that they would call if she didn't stop after a little while. Needless to say I held on to my cell until I picked her up. When asked, the teacher said she cried for about two minutes and then had a great day. This was new for me -Nathan never did this.

The trials of motherhood never end. It's hard to leave your kids in a new situation at any age, but it does make them more confident to know they can make it through. Nathan is my go getter. He wants to do things I would never do (like go to summer camp). I am always more nervous than him, but I know I have to let him do this so he doesn't end up as shy as I was.

This was a long post - sorry. It was great seeing you guys and we can't wait until your home again.

Anonymous said...

Caedmon diving in his car seat cracked me up! It reminds me of the movie "The Aquatic Life of Steve Zissou" starring Bill Murray and Owen Wilson. John and I watch so few movies, but I highly recommend this one for its totally random, Monte Python-like humor. Yup, that pic of your baby diver just makes me laugh!!
I can't imagine being in your school situation. Trust in the HOly Spirit and ask for every blessing under heaven - God wants to add all these things unto you. Just ask!
That's the best I can do to encourage you. It must be so difficult.
Love and prayers,