Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party!

Caedmon is four months old now, and tons of fun. He is belly laughing, babbling, and giving big grins all the time. We are enjoying him so much! This weekend we had a pumpkin carving party with friends Erica, Joe, Erin, and Mike. Photos courtesy of them!

SO the "pumpkin sequence" happened when Paul and our friends decided to see what would happen when they allowed Caedmon to stick his hand in the pumpkin. He came up with a big ol pile of pumpkin guts, though he obviously seemed a little perplexed by the laughter and camera flashes!
Pictures of Stone Mountain and the Appalachian Trail to come...


Anonymous said...

T I DOUBLE G ER!! What a cute little tigger. Dad really loves the outfit because of the reference to Occidental Tigers. I am counting down the days until you all return home. It has been so hard to have you away, and I know it has been hard on both of you being so far away from family. 1 1/2 months to go - yay!! Keep sending pictures, we LOVE them. Love, Grammy Marla

Anonymous said...

I checked in on Halloween morning - how appropriate to see the little chubby tiger. Awwwwww - he is awfully cute.
Kelli, Candace, Mary and I (maybe other Halsells, too, haven't had a chance to check yet) - are going to Trunk or Treat at SLDM. People sign up/register and decorate their trunks and tailgates and the parish kids go trick-or-treating around the parking lot. Since Kelli is overdue, I'm past 7 mos. pregnant and Candace is now a mom/dad, it only makes sense to trick-or-treat the easy way this year. We will miss you!
Aud, Laura, Ayrton (so big!) and John

joysnatcher said...

I saw a couple of these pictures when we were at Chuck & Margie's. What a cute little Tigger!!!

Hope to see you soon in Gatlinburg? We really hope you can make it!!!

love to you all!