Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party!

Caedmon is four months old now, and tons of fun. He is belly laughing, babbling, and giving big grins all the time. We are enjoying him so much! This weekend we had a pumpkin carving party with friends Erica, Joe, Erin, and Mike. Photos courtesy of them!

SO the "pumpkin sequence" happened when Paul and our friends decided to see what would happen when they allowed Caedmon to stick his hand in the pumpkin. He came up with a big ol pile of pumpkin guts, though he obviously seemed a little perplexed by the laughter and camera flashes!
Pictures of Stone Mountain and the Appalachian Trail to come...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Developments

Baby is getting too big for his bath!

Sweet boy!
Puppy robe!
Caedmon in a kimono!
Thumb sucking and favorite elephant
Caedmon "reads" his book
Little builder
Pretend drink from daddy
Getting stronger! (And chubbier)

Caedmon is growing like a weed! I can't believe its been nearly four months since he was born!
The last two or three weeks he has changed so much. About a week and a half ago, we realized he has half a tooth sticking out! Poor baby, we didn't realize that's why he was so fussy....we just were not expecting a tooth in his little mouth. It's a strange tooth too. Instead of an incisor, his first tooth is one of hte first molars. Weirdddd. There seem to be some waiting in the wings, but who knows if this was a fluke tooth or if he is on the road to teeth? Silly baby.

He is also starting to "talk" like crazy. He makes purposeful and loud sounds, and is so delighted when you talk back to him. The past three days all day long its "AAAAOohhhh. AAAAH! Ohhhh. Woaaoowww"! He is laughing more and more now too, especially cracking up when daddy tickles him or blows on his belly.

Also, he is exploring objects now with his mouth. Anything he can get his hands on....straight to the mouth. Objects promptly become drenched in drool (Poor thing even has a little rash or sore under his bottom lip from all the drool plus pacifier).

Finally, he is nearing rolling over. Usually he gets himself on to his side and then becomes distracted by his delicious fingers.

Paul and I are quite smitten with him and are enjoying all his new, fun stages.
Hope you enjoy all the pictures! I just couldn't help myself.