Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Play time!

So I just have to say this next picture I have entitled "say no to crack". Apparently I don't know how to put on a disposable diaper correctly.

Caedmon is getting bigger and bigger and smiling more and more!

He is starting to enjoy playing in his play gym that Uncle Joe, Aunt Candace, Uncle James, Aunt Kelli & cousins got him. He especially enjoys the little hanging birds that "squeak"

I promised my mom some pictures of playtime here you go mom!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Dirty South*...Revisited

*Title courtesy of Audrey

So just to top it off, the day after I wrote that blog we went to help my friend move from her apartment. I soothed the fussy baby inside while Paul and Beth moved furniture. Meanwhile the open door let in mosquitoes and I discovered about 10 minutes later that I had 10+ bites covering my feet and ankles. Needless to say, bugs like me, no one else got any bites. Thankfully my baby didn't either.

Then I pulled a Christy and slapped my hands together , killing a mosquito buzzing near my baby. Eww. As soon as the stuff was moved, I covered the car seat with a blanket and made a beeline for the car. Sooo many bug bites.

If I spike a fever soon, please consider West Nile Virus.

Annddd obligatory cute baby picture to pacify people anxious to meet little Caedmon. He is a happy boy after taking his bath! Kind of looks like he is throwing punches though.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wife, Mom, Student....Exterminator?

So its cliche to say a mom takes on many roles, whether it be chef, house cleaner, chauffer or accountant. Exterminator, however, was one role I did not count on. I didn't realize how "bug-free" my Santa Maria home was until I lived in Georgia. Every week we are fighting a new bug I've never seen before! Apartments are never free from pests, but I didn't expect to deal with ginormous silverfish, ants, roaches, mosquitoes and spiders day in and day out. Yes the apartment complex comes if you ask them the help, but a once a week treatment really doesn't do that much. Right now the problem is millipedes. These tiny wormlike creatures currently are taking over our house. It probably doesn't help living right next to a mini-forest. Despite spraying bug poison around our kitchen, windows, door jamb, bathroom and other corners of the home, it is completely normal to find 15-20 millipedes crawling over our kitchen floor and living room in the morning, not to mention the dead ones. So I kill, I vaccuum and I search and destroy. Yuck!

So right now when people ask me what I'm up to everyday, my answer now is: I feed the baby, play with the baby, hopefully get dressed and decent, and I kill bugs.

And a cute picture for good measure. I am trying to catch him smiling, but I have been unsuccessful so far!